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Bulmer primary school, Essex

Autumn Term 2015

Harvest Festival

A reminder that it is our Harvest Festival on Sunday at 11.15am. All classes are taking part in the service at Bulmer Church. We hope to see you there.

Non Pupil Days

The Governors have agreed the following non pupil days for this academic year:-

Jan 4th, Feb 12th and July 8th 2016


Friends of Bulmer School AGM

Monday, 12th October @ 7.30pm in the School Hall.  All Welcome.



  • Aldeford Mill

    Aldeford Mill

    Meet the Millers! Key stage 2 went on a visit to Aldeford Mill to get the wheels turning and get our wheat processed into flour. We grew our wheat from seed planted last Autumn Term, then went on thresh and finally get to finished product.

    We're going to use the flour to make a Harvest loaf for the Harvest Festival to be held at Bulmer Church.

  • MacMillan Coffee and Dance

    MacMillan Coffee and Dance

    We had a great afternoon whilst raising money for a worthy charity. Ms Ryan and our Year 4 girls had everyone dancing, whilst Mrs Mortimer and Evie challenged to know their baking in the game of  'Baked or Faked'. Congratulations to our Faked or Baked Champion, Mrs Banks!

  • Sports Day 2015

    Sports Day 2015

    Sports Day was a great success this year, despite the showers. The children tested their skills in field and track events, with everyone taking part. Well done to everyone for giving their best and congratuations to our group winners!

    Take a look at some of the highlights in the gallery.

  • Harry Potter Studios

    Harry Potter Studios

    A massive THANK YOU to Mr Cooper, one of our Govenors, who funded the prizes for the Writing Compeition for KS2. Our three winners had a brilliant day at The Harry Potter Studios. We rode on a broomstick, flew in a Ford Anglia and tried Butter Beer.

  • Children's University Graduation

    Children's University Graduation

    We are part of The Children's University. This promotes children being part of extra curricular activities. This year 9 of our children graduated with awards. The children attending The Univsity of Essex for the ceremony where they were supported by parents. Take a look at the photos in the Gallery.

  • Year 6 at Mersey Outdoor Centre

    Year 6 at Mersey Outdoor Centre

    Our Year 6 pupils had a fantastic day at Mersey Outdoor Centre. They joined other year 6 pupils that will be joining Hedingham School in September for a brilliant transition day. Our pupils got to be part of teams with children from other schools and by the end of the day had begun to make new friends that they will meet again next term.

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