Bulmer primary school, Essex
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Bulmer primary school, Essex

Our School Vision Statement

We asked our Children, Staff, Governors, Parents, Clergy about their views on the values that we held as important for our school, we have put all views together and looked for common ideas in order to produce our Vision Statement.

As a Christian school we want to see the importance of Christianity reflected in our everyday values. What we want to identify values that we can all live by and refer to everyday. Many people, especially the children, referred to what we currently have, but also cited values such as compassion, treating others as you would like to be treated. Having put the views together the following have emerged as the strongest:

We develop self-confidence to always be the best we can.
Jesus said that this was the greatest commandment of all. We show care, compassion and empathy in how we treat others.
We enjoy learning in a nurturing environment.
We persevere and aim high in all we do.
We respect each other and the world around us.


Our vision statement

Bulmer primary school, Essex