Bulmer primary school, Essex
Tel: 01787 372383
Bulmer primary school, Essex

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If you are choosing a school for your first child it can feel a little overwhelming with all the choices and knowing what to look for in a school for your child.

We would like to warmly welcome you to visit our rural village school, please telephone our School Office (01787 372383) or email us at admin@bulmer-st-andrews.essex.sch.uk and we can arrange for you to come along.

If you live in Essex

Applications must be made online by 15 January 2018. More details can be seen if you follow this link to Essex County Council: http://www.essex.gov.uk/Education-Schools/Schools/Admissions/Pages/Applications.aspx

If you live in Suffolk

Applications must be made online by 15 January 2018. You apply to Suffolk County Council who will liaise with Essex for you. You do not have to complete an Essex form.

Follow this link to Suffolk County Council: http://www.suffolk.gov.uk/education-and-careers/schools-and-support-in-education/applying-for-a-school-place/

Mid Year Applications

If you are moving your child within a school year between schools you will need to complete a midyear application form if you live in Essex. This can be found at: http://www.essex.gov.uk/Education-Schools/Schools/Admissions/Pages/Applying-mid-year-for-a-school-place.aspx

If you live in Suffolk you will need to apply to Suffolk County Council: http://www.suffolk.gov.uk/education-and-careers/schools-and-support-in-education/applying-for-a-school-place/applying-for-a-school-place-for-2013-2014-current-school-year/

Apply to Bulmer School

If you need any advice or help to complete an application, please contact our school office on 01787 372383

Apply to Bulmer School

Bulmer primary school, Essex