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What's going on in Fox Class?

29th March 2018 

Spring Watch

This morning Fox and Otter Class went over to Bakers Field to look for signs of Spring!  We were extremely lucky with the weather as rain was forecast, for the morning, but this held off until the afternoon!  The children quickly got into mixed groups of Otters and Foxes. Then, with clipboards in hand, they went off in search of Spring! What a lot of signs they found too.  Using all their senses the children eagerly shared with one another what they had heard, seen, smelt, touched and felt!

Birds nests and a variety of bird song.  Catkins, flowers and budding plants.  Rabbit holes and rabbit droppings, as well as a few bunnies hopping!  The smell of grass and wet leaves. Finally, they felt the warmth of the suns rays and saw the blueness of the sky. 

It was lovely to see how well the older children helped the younger ones, allowing them to write what they saw, guiding them safely through the wood and most importantly having fun in their learning.

Click on the link below to see their outdoor learning session.

Spring Watch


Easter Egg Hunt

As the sun was still shining brightly we took the opportunity to create an Easter Egg Hunt. 

While the children were sharing their spring watch information, eggs mysteriously appeared around the field. 

In their little groups, the children went off to see how many they could find between them.  The highest amount found, by two groups was 14! 

Once it was clear there were no more eggs to be found the children all assembled around the log circle. They were then able to exchange their laminated eggs for a chocolate one. 

As you can imagine there was a lot of smiling faces, even from the teachers. 

The Easter Bunny was very generous!

Check out the link below.

Easter Egg Hunt


27th March 2018

Mr Cooper's Roman Villa

What a brilliant afternoon Fox Class had at Mr Cooper's Museum.  After a fun filled morning in the woods, we devoured our lunch in Mr Cooper's classroom before visiting his museum. 

The children were enthralled with all the Roman artefacts that were found during the archeological dig, that had taken place on the farm, when Mr Cooper was a young child himself! They enjoyed handling some of the artefacts knowing they were nearly 2000 years old. 

We left the museum and went back in time as we walked to the site of the Roman Villa.  We even had a legionnaire with his Vine Staff  leading the way!

Visiting the museum and the site of the Roman Villa really enhanced the children's understanding of what life was like in Roman Times!

Click on the link below to see the photographs of the afternoon. 

Roman Villa!

We had an amazing day on Monday at the woods the sun shone brightly for us all day!

Foxes very quickly became engrossed working together building dens, making traps,( to try to catch me in!) and generally enjoying the freedom of being outside with nature.

They were whittling small branches into bows and arrows, so they could be Roman soldiers and to ensure they had an implement to toast marshmallows on.

Mr Mayes- Allen soon had the fire roaring ready for delicious hot chocolate.

It was lovely to see the children build a rope swing and then play happily together with it.  Please click on the link to see the pictures of their team building, nature loving, morning of fun. 

Foxes want to say a big thank you to all the adults who came to the woods with us, especially for the transportation and to Mrs Axon-Eaves for arranging it for them

 Wiggery Wood_

19th March 2018


The children have been really enjoying our Art this term.  They have been learning about the local artist James Dodds and have used some of  his techniques in their own creations.  This has culminated in some amazing roman coin designs, which the children cannot wait to bring home.  They wanted you to see their coins before then so please look through the pictures on our web page.  They were really pleased to see the vast amount of coins on display at Colchester Castle and exclaimed they thought their coins were very authentic!

16th March 2018

Colchester Castle

What a fantastic time we all had at Colchester Castle.  It was great to see the children making friends with our sister school, St Giles, once more.  As soon as we arrived and were placed in two groups the excitement began.  The children couldnt wait to get started, following clues to find various artefacts.  There was great team work displayed with pairs of children teaming up and helping others.  Much hilarity was had over the different artefacts and costumes they could handle and try on.  Obviously, the most important time for the children was lunch time, (they are always so hungry when on a trip!).  It was lovely to see them all relaxed and enjoying each others company. You can see the evidence of their enjoyment in the pictures below. 

World Book Day

The Foxes really enjoyed dressing up as one of their favourite book characters.  They read to each other and created chapters in the whole school book!  Please do have a look at it in the Library.  They looked absolutely amazing as the pictures in this link show. 

 World Book Day


My goodness what happened to February!!

Time certainly flies past quickly when you are busy having fun learning!

26th January 28

We have had another busy week of learning.

We had a visit from the School's Fire Safety Officer who explained how to keep safe in the home and what to do in case of fire.  The children were very keen to share their new knowledge and will no doubt be reminding you to check your fire alarms every Tuesday!

On Thursday a few of our class went to Hedingham to take part in a cross country competition.  I am very proud to say that they all completed the course, even though it was a difficult terrain. Well done Foxes!

On Friday the children demonstrated a famous Roman tactic the testudo - or ‘tortoise’. A formation of 27 soldiers would hold their shields above  their heads and out to the front and sides to protect them - like a tortoise’s shell - as they marched forwards to attack the enemy.

They tried their best with our depleted number of 8 soldiers.

19th January 2018

Every picture tells a story!

Fox class have been really engrossed this week designing and making their Roman shields.  They looked at different types of shields, used by the Romans, in books and on the Internet.  This encouraged them to create patterns for their own shields.  After producing their designs they wrote the instructions, explaining how to make their shields.  I think you will agree, when you get to see them, they are amazing.  Pictures to follow later!

Welcome to the first Fabulous Foxes homepage! 

We have had an amazing autumn term and are looking forward to a super spring term and a sizzling summer term together.

Foxes are looking forward to all the new opportunities coming their way!

The children, Mrs Dobinson and myself would first like to wish you all the very best for the future. 

It has been a busy start to the year.  The children have been working extremely hard.  Please come back and visit us regularly  to see what we have been up to!

Christine Patston

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