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What's going on in Otter Class?

Welcome to Otter Class.

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23rd March, 2018

Our outdoor classroom has continued to be a hive of activity this week. Little Otters have been 'fishing' in the water tray using fishing nets. Each time they caught a fishy ping-pong ball they read the word on it before returning it to it's habitat! The tarmac has been well used for writing on using chalks. Words such as 'car' and 'car park' have accompanied the wheeled toys, whilst 'big and small' has been written next to objects that have been ordered in size. On Thursday Little Otters created an enormous bird's nest which amazingly was visited over night as the children discovered 6 eggs in the nest on Friday morning! This led to a bird-hide being made. Binoculars and clipboards at the ready gave the children the opportunity to 'record' their sightings independently. Fabulous.

The children have also been keen to weave around a structure made from sticks.


The older Otters have been busy starting to write the Easter story this week. They  all worked really hard on improving their handwriting. In art, Otters used oil pastels to create an Easter picture of the cross. Having developed their smudging skills they applied water colours; the result were fantastic light rays coming from the cross on the hillside. Brilliant work Otters.


9th March, 2018

There has been much excitement amongst Otter class over the last two weeks. Firstly, all that SNOW! Each time a tiny flutter fell the children were glued to the window! They were so excited to share their 'snow' stories with us all when they returned to school after 3 snow days!

The Little Otters, dressed in complete waterproofs have helped to re-organise our outdoor area. They helped wash the pots and pans from the mud kitchen, wash the wheeled toys, wash the tyres and so much more. SEE PHOTOS

Due to the snow we celebrated 'World Book Day' on 8th March. The children looked amazing dressed as a charactor from a book of their choice. We had every character possible from Harry Potter to Little Red Riding Hood, from Elsa to Spiderman. SEE PHOTO

During the morning Little Otters started the whole school story, Year 1 added Chapter 2 and Year 2 added Chapter 3 before handing it on to KS2 to write their chapters.

I read the story out in Celebration Assembly on Friday. It was wonderful to share how each class had added their own twist to the story. Otter Class sat, mouths open listening to how the story unfolded! Well done to everyone for such a thrilling story!


23rd February, 2018

All of Otters settled back quickly after the half term. We welcome two new people to our class - Mrs Kemp as Teaching Assistant and James has also joined us from another school.

I can't believe we are now half way through the school year! This week has been quite exciting. On Tuesday we welcomed Reverend Margaret into our class; she talked to us about her role in the Church and in the community. In preparation for this we all thought about questions that we would like to ask her. There were some very well thought out questions. Well done all of Otters. In the afternoon Little Otters went on to draw a picture of her. It was very obvious from all of the drawings that she was the Reverend!

On Wednesday we met her again but this time at St Andrew's Church where she and Reverend Sally held a special Ash Wednesday Service for us. All of the children were invited to take Holy Communion and be 'ashed'. I was delighted to see so many Otters joining in.

Little Otters have been learning about 'builders' as part of their topic. The photos at the bottom of the page show some of the 'building work' which has been going on outside. SEE PHOTOS


9th February, 2018

On 30th January year 1 and 2 Otters played in a football tournament. They performed very well, Mrs Kearton was most impressed with how well they represented St Andrew's School.

On Monday 5th we went to Forest School and had another wonderful morning at Wiggery Wood. The children all got involved in making dens using tarpaulins and rope and then played in them until it was time to leave. We all agreed that we need more taurpaulins!

On Thursday we had a very special pancake assembly. Mrs Nichols made and then tossed a pancake 72 times! She had broken her own record of 66! Well done Mrs Nichols!


26th January, 2018

Over the last two weeks Little Otters have enjoyed learning about the role of a postman and that of a fire fighter. They found out exactly what happens to a letter after it has been posted until it reaches their front door mat. They all made a card, walked to the post box and posted it home. Over the weekend their cards arrived after their amazing journey. The children were really excited to tell Mrs Kearton and myself about the arrival of their cards. SEE PHOTOS

Whilst learning about the role of the fire fighter the dolls house in the small world area was on fire with yellow, orange and red tissue paper. Magnetic letters, pom poms, buttons, pipe cleaners and jewels in the same colours were scattered around; there were orange collecting bowls and tongs to sort them out.

Meanwhile Year 1 and 2 Otters have been writing descriptions, recounts and  diary entries about the events of the Great Fire of London. Fabulous writing, well done! In maths they have moved on to column addition and subtraction and have begun to re-group the tens to solve tricky calculations. All were keen to develop a better understanding of multiplication when I used smarties in an empty chocolate box! When working at their activity they were determined to get each of their multiplication questions correct .... I didn't know Otters liked smarties!

At Wiggery Wood the King and Queen of the Pixies left us a note to tell us that they were having a party and needed more Pixie houses. The children set about building some brilliant houses (some with chandeliers) for the Pixies to stay in. A wonderful morning well done all! PHOTOS 


12th January, 2018


Otter Class returned to school very excited to share their news of new toys, new shoes and places they had visited over the Christmas break.

One and a half weeks later they have settled back into their learning. Little Otters are learning about People Who Help Us this term and were quite surprised to learn that there were Superheroes in our school! We discovered that all the members of staff had special powers: Hydro-clean the Essential made our school sparkle, Fuel Provider Flash cooked fabulous meals for us, The Super Boss inspired us every day, Awesome Can Do did everything from finding lost PE kits to First Aid to helping us learn, The Teachanator taught us and explained things to us and Communicator Extraordinaire was a computer and phone expert! They had a fabulous time asking the Superheroes about their special powers and designing a secret costume for them!

Otters began learning about The Great Fire of London and wrote some brilliant descriptions 'I opened the window and I saw......' They used pastels to blend together white, yellows, oranges and reds to capture what they saw. They noticed how the wind blew the flames in one direction too.

We also had our first visit of the new year to Wiggery Wood. Some of the children used sticks to make stars and spiders to hang up. May I remind you all that whilst the weather is cold, layers of clothing are necessary under their winter coats, along with at least two pairs of socks, to keep warm. Don't forget that a spare pair of socks in their bag is a good idea just incase their feet get wet.


11th December, 2017

Our weeks in Otter Class seem to get busier and busier! On Monday the children were so excited to see the snow. As it was a Forest School day, we were all well prepared and suitably dressed! We went over to Baker's Field, saw animal tracks in the snow, made snow angels and built some amazing snowmen! We returned to school for a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

This week our 'egg' has fully hatched - it was a strange looking lizard! We all touched it carefully and noticed that our fingers were a bit sticky afterwards. Well done to Ruby N who suggested we name him 'Sticky'.

This year the pantomine came to us. On Wednesday we watched a brilliant performance of Aladdin in the school hall. All of the Otters joined in, helping the characters watch out for the evil Abanaza! A lovely morning full of thrills and laughter.

The fun didn't stop there. On Friday we had an unexpected visit from Father Christmas! Otters thought that he had eaten too much which is why he needed help sitting down!! He had pre- Christmas presents for us all. The children were delighted to open their new books.

On Friday we also made our Christingles ready for our Crib Service on Monday afternoon at the church. We hope to welcome as many of you as possible to join us.

On the 5th and 6th December was our performance of 'Superstar'. All of Otter class have been working hard learning lines, songs and Little Otters learned a dance and played the triangles. The show was fabulous made even better by all the mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grandmas, grand-dads, friends (oh the list goes on) who clapped enthusiastically throughout. Little Otters were a little surprised at all the faces watching them but nevertheless did their best. Well done to all of Otter Class.

On Thursday we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas lunch prepared by Mrs Parkes and Mrs Scott. It was delicious. Crackers, music and dancing added to the festivities.

Friday soon came around and the children were amazingly still full of energy!!


1st December, 2017

This week our feet have hardly touched the ground. Both Otters and Little Otters have achieved so much in their learning AND have found time to rehearse for their Christmas performance. Adding to this they were so excited to see this winter's first flutter of snow!

Mrs Nicolls began our week by introducing 'Advent' focusing on 'hope'. Towards the end of the week we learned about St. Andrew.

We found a rather large egg amongst our African animal display a short while ago which we have been trying to hatch. This week the egg finally cracked; the children have been looking at it every day. Is it a dinosaur? Is it a lion? Is it a giraffe? we are not sure - but it looks like it has claws and on Friday there were signs of an eye peering out at us!  Our wait will soon be over!

Finally we  look forward to welcoming you all to our Christmas performance next week entitled 'Superstar' which I know you will all enjoy.


17th November, 2017

This week we have been focusing on us being 'All different, all equal'. Otters have been creating tally charts and using the information to create bar charts. They even thought of their own questions to challenge me in interpreting the information!!

On Thursday we held 'Odd Sock Day'. Little Otters found this was great fun; they used odd socks for sorting, matching and for measuring. They found out that if the socks were small, more were needed to measure something! Finally they used the socks to create squares, rectangles and triangles. One of the children also managed to make a semi-circle!

On Friday we supported Children In Need. After lunch we went on a whole school ramble which took us across fields and pathways until we finally arrived back at school for a delicious cup of hot chocolate with a swirl of cream, biscuit AND a Pudsey Bear chocolate. The children especially enjoyed the roll down the hill! Thank you to all the parents and carers who joined us for what was a fabulous afternoon.


10th November, 2017

What a busy week Otter Class have had!

On Monday we had our first visit of the year to Wiggery Wood. The children had a brilliant morning hugging trees, looking for signs of Autumn and collecting as many different coloured leaves as they could. Our new equipment was a huge hit so bugs were searched for, collected and studied and sights were viewed from a different angle using safety mirrors. Mid morning saw a welcome snack of fruit and hot chocolate!

Also on Monday we  made a 'fish' with Peter Cox and Mrs B. This was part of an art project to create the shoal of fish as depicted in our new school logo.  These wonderful fish are now 'swimming' down the corridor towards the hall.

On Friday we walked to St Andrew's Church and took part in a short memorial service of remembrance. Otter Class had made a wreath of tissue paper poppies and hand printed leaves which was carefully presented by Roman and Piper. We all had our own poppy cross to place to create a poppy garden. 

A very enjoyable week with lots of busy, happy children!


It seems such a long time ago that I welcomed 11 new children into Otter Class here at St. Andrew's Primary School.

The Year 1 and Year 2 Otters rose to the challenge of helping them all to settle in and to guide them around our beautiful school.

Over the last few weeks the 'Little Otters' as they are known have been learning so much - they are well on their way with learning the Phase 2 Phonemes having already learnt 14 phonemes and 4 tricky words. Well done to you all.

Year 1 and Year 2 Otters have been writing stories based on The Tiger who came to Tea and have been learning how to edit to improve their writing. This week the children are writing about the differences of living in a village in Africa compared with living in and around Bulmer.

In maths we began with revisiting the number system, moving on to applying our understanding and are now starting addition and subtraction.

Our Outdoor Classroom is beginning to look fabulous with lots of new resources. We have recently enhanced the area with the most amazing Mud Kitchen, thanks to Mr Chappell who designed and made it for us. I have to say it is the busiest kitchen for miles around! The children have created milkshakes, pancakes, birthday cakes, cakes and cookies for Harvest and much much more - I have lost count of the endless cups of coffee I have been given! 

Forest School will be starting on Monday 6th November. We have more super new resources for the children to use with fabulous new bags to keep their new waterproofs in. More details will be available shortly.

It was great to see so many parents at our Relatives to Lunch  today; I hope I will be able to see you all again next week at our parents evening. 

I look forward to working with you and your child over the coming year.

Mrs Axon-Eaves





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