Bulmer primary school, Essex
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Our school provides a broad and rich curriculum which encompasses all the National Curriculum subjects. These include English, Mathematics, Science and Computing, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music, Physical Education, Modern Foreign Languages and Art, together with Religious Education, Personal Social and Health Education. Our curriculum is designed to develop the learning of individual children according to their age and ability and to meet the requirements of the new 2014 National Curriculum programmes across Key Stages 1 & 2.

At Bulmer we adopt a variety of teaching and learning approaches to encompass different learning styles. By combining subject teaching with a cross-curricular themed approach, children are able to develop their understanding, investigative and expressive skills, values and attitudes.

Our Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 teaching base incorporates both indoor and outdoor learning environments. This area is directly attached to the classroom providing free-flow learning opportunities for our youngest children as well as more structured challenges for the older pupils.


Reading is taught carefully and systematically using the Synthetic Phonics Programme, Letters and Sounds. This, combined with looking at words in context, enables children to develop the skills they will need to become fluent, efficient and critical readers.

There is strong emphasis on the development of children's spoken language and listening skills. A clear and legible style of joined handwriting is taught with emphasis laid on correct formation of letters and numbers. Children are encouraged to take a pride in their work. They are taught to write for a variety of purposes, developing the skill to punctuate, use grammar correctly and apply spelling strategies. Most of the children's writing develops from their own experiences and interest. These are widened by walks, visits out, visitors into school, stories, hands-on experience, books, multi-media material and the internet to provide an interesting and stimulating school environment. They are encouraged to discuss ideas and to become confident and fluent in order to communicate clearly with others in speech and writing.


The children are exposed to a wide range of mathematical activities, involving number, shape, space, measurement, graphical representation, data-handling and investigation. Wherever appropriate, emphasis is placed on practical activity, investigation and problem solving, relating if possible to 'real' situations. As part of the Design and Technology curriculum, children have an opportunity to cook. This is not only useful for the end result, but also as a practical mathematical exercise and a spur to discussion. In this work children are taught about nutrition, healthy eating, where our food comes from and why high standards of personal hygiene and clean utensils are essential.


During science children learn about the world around them. Natural curiosity is nurtured and investigative skills developed so that they begin to hypothesize, predict and test out their ideas.


Computing is taught as a separate subject as well as being embedded in learning throughout the curriculum. It incorporates using computers to manage and present information, as well as programme and control. Internet safety is also taught to children to enable them to make good choices and keep safe on-line.

Physical Education

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The school is well equipped with large and small apparatus for Physical Education. Opportunities are given to take part in friendly and competitive inter-school games and sports events. Swimming instruction for Key Stage 2 takes place at Halstead pool.

Art and Craft

Children are encouraged to observe carefully and their experience is extended through Art and Craft-work where they learn to manage a range of media. Children of all abilities develop confidence when handling art and craft materials and are better able to express their creativity through art. Over time they learn about art in other cultures and through history.


The school aims to promote both enjoyment and understanding of music through listening and participation. The pupils have opportunities to listen to and enjoy a range of music; to take part in group singing and to play a variety of musical instruments with our specialist music teacher.

Broader Learning

We regularly broaden the experiences of our children by arranging enriching opportunities, including going out on visits and bringing in experts. This enhances the curriculum, bringing learning to life. We regularly receive visits from members of the local community which helps to develop the children's understanding and appreciation of their local area. We often work with other schools to offer variety and encourage the children to learn along side others.

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